Enabling a Circular Economy

With a holistic approach, we aim to bring significant behavioral, infrastructure,and policy changes to enable a Circular Economy.

Enabling a Circular Economy

With a holistic approach, we aim to bring significant behavioral, infrastructure, and policy changes to enable a Circular Economy.

A Circular Economy for a Sustainable tomorrow

We believe an initiative with a holistic and comprehensive approach will help address the widespread challenges in the waste management ecosystem.

Holistic approach to fight growing waste

Awareness, Collection, Processing and Recycling efforts will help address the growing waste in the environment.

Identifying Bottlenecks

Using our on-field and digital expertise we'll be identifying the hotspots through which plastic litter enters the environment.

Policy advisory & Advocacy

We aim to work closely with think tanks & Govt. to provide sectoral insights to enable structural changes through policy recommendations.

Sectoral Research

Build database of Safai Mitras to device efficient & effective solutions.

Waste collection at the Tiger Reserve

Holistic Waste Management in a Tiger Reserve

We partnered with the officials of the Amrabad Tiger Reserve to bring a significant change in the waste management around the pristine forests. Frequented by tourists the area saw littered plastic from the outer rims to the core of the forests. Sensitisation of local safai mitras and forest officials, bringing awareness to the tourists and setting up the required infrastructure.


Infrastructure development to support the changes


Supporting local communities in channeling waste


Creating a circularity with stakeholder participation

Key Stakeholders
Who make a Difference


Tourists, Community members, Children and others have the ultimate responsibility in supporting these initiatives

Government Authorities

Initiatives by them will have a direct impact on the sector from the grass-root level.

Producers & Brands

Have the power to bring change in the sector through awareness programs

Supporting Agencies

Circularity can be created only in collaboration – supporting agencies have a crucial role to play.

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